Floating (also referred to as desensitization therapy or hydrotherapy) involves the absorption of Epsom salt minerals through the skin for a hour or more of weightless, calm, and rejuvenating relaxation. This high concentration of salt softens and draws toxins from the skin and charges the body with magnesium while reducing inflammation of joints and tissues.

Chemical free. No Hydrogen Peroxide, Bleach, or Bromine additives. Featuring the prestigious Float Lab tanks. Patented design by creator, Crash, from Venice Beach CA, for the ultimate in anti-gravity experience, with no harsh "disinfectants" in the solution. Our specialized equipment has also been praised on Joe Rogan's Podcast, and highly acclaimed for its safe and sanitary processes for the purest and superior float experience.

People report having amazing head space while in a meditative like level of consciousness. It feels like a fresh restart of the mind and body after the session is complete. Take some time to walk around our beautiful district while enjoying your afterglow.

Elizabeth Heitzmann is a board certified counselor. she has been working with clients so they can live their best lives since 1995

Elizabeth Heitzmann, MA, LPC, a board certified counselor, has been helping people for over 20 years. Since 2014, she has made it her active mission to create a unique place of peace centered on relaxation. After personally dealing with chronic pain and nerve damage from a botched surgery, Elizabeth tried float therapy and experienced its numerous benefits firsthand. In October 2017, Float Doctor opened its doors, providing assistance to all in the art of healing.

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