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Crash started his work career in Washington D.C. in 1979 managing nightclubs with live entertainment. After 5 years of operational/managerial responsibilities, he moved back to California/Nevada to work in the Caesars Tahoe showroom doing production and live sound reinforcement specializing in onstage monitor mixing. In 1990 Crash got a liquor/cabaret license built and opened a 350-seat live entertainment venue while booking talent for four other venues. In 1992 Crash moved to Hollywood and started working for various sound companies and promoters doing high profile sound gigs all over Southern California. He also did national and international touring, started a band, built and ran a 60 studio 24-hour lockout rehearsal facility with 2 recording studios.

In 1999, he decided to finish up a 25-year relationship with narcotics and moved to Vegas to restart his sound career doing audio contract work for Casino Showrooms, special events and award shows. He rented a ranch 10 miles south of town, built a recording studio and was preparing to move forward with his music aspirations. While listening to his voice inside of an old water containment area, the overwhelming notion occurred to build and get other people to use a sensory deprivation chamber. Not words or an image, just the thought. Not knowing what sensory deprivation was, Crash built a tank to try. The chamber had such a significant effect on him it became his prime consideration.    



After he designed the first chamber in 1999, he opened a facility in Venice Beach housing his two original chambers. For many years, the interest was very slim. Sessions were $25, you could stay in all night. Then Joe Rogan contacted Crash to build him a proper chamber. In 2010 Float Lab® submitted a chamber for certification with NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). In 2013 after enduring the longest testing process in NSF’s 75-year history (almost 3 years) Float Lab® achieved both the NSF 50 and the UL 1795 certifications. Float Lab® became the world’s first and only certified for commercial use floatation system. Due to Joe Rogan’s influence, the number of people floating continued to escalate to a point where the 2 Chambers in Venice were booked months in advance. In 2013 Crash started work on Float Labs Westwood Facility to provide the Los Angeles community with more opportunities to Float in his chambers. The state-of-the-art Westwood facility opened in 2015 housing 7 Float Lab®, Chambers and is open 7 days a week.

Crash has been a pioneer in the floatation industry and has worked with authorities all over the world to establish and define proper standards. He currently is a member of the NSF joint committee and the chairperson for their Sensory Deprivation Task Group. Crash is also a member of the Center for Disease Controls CMAHC (Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code). Besides operating the 2 float facilities and manufacturing chambers with the patented disinfection process requiring no halogen chemicals, Float Lab® has been setting up the parameters for the Human Modification Project utilizing the Patented Cellular Influence Device. The research is set to start in 2019 and will be conducted by TRININE INC.



Our three Certified Float Lab cabins have state of the art medical grade filtration cleaning systems providing 250 gallons of ultra-purified water and 1,200 pounds of dissolved Pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salt. We are the only facility in Wisconsin to provide NSF and UL certified equipment that does not utilize harsh halogen disinfectant chemicals or hydrogen peroxide. No one wants to float in chemicals like that. Rest your mind to know you are a float away from a little escape in the all-natural process to experience complete weightlessness and deepened states of relaxation.

This very special treatment allows a floater to fully disengage and release tension like no other approach known. The Epsom salts draw inflammation from tissues while replacing magnesium in the body. Our bodies need it for over 340 chemical processes. Many people are deficient in magnesium. Schedule a float to replenish the essential minerals to function and sleep better. Reset and reconnect with yourself in an extraordinary way, providing lasting calming benefits for both the mind and the body that can last for days.


Research of regular float practice has reported reduced pain, lowered blood pressure, improved mental clarity, regulated circadian rhythms for more restful sleep, eased aching muscles, decreased swelling of stiff joints, as well as naturally reduced stress hormones and cortisol levels in the body. While we do not attest that floating cures anything, numerous studies prove that relaxing and replenishing essential minerals can help with overall wellness.

Our clients come to have a little get away and desire to achieve deepened meditative states to unplug, unwind, and reset. Though floating is known to help manage symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, depression, pain, migraines, or arthritic issues, many of our clients simply love the anti gravity experience even if they don't have any health issues. We have many athletes as regular clients who report improved performance when floating before competitive events and quicker recovery when they have a float after heavy workouts.

You will have your own private room and shower. Towels, earplugs, organic soap, shampoo, and conditioner are provided. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards. Before your first float experience, you will receive a short orientation, after which you’ll then be escorted to your private room. This room contains a personal shower and float chamber. You are required to take a shower prior to entering the float chamber. At the end of your session, you will hear gentle, soothing music to alert you when your time is complete. 

Schedule today! Our staff is excited to get you started with the ultimate in relaxation in your float practice.