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The certified Three Float Lab chambers that we provide contain 14” of solution consisting of only water and about 1200lbs of Epsom salts. Our flotation cabins are 4’ wide x 8’ long x 7’ feet high. Our facilities filtration system does not use any harsh halogens (i.e. chlorine or bromine), bleaches, or hydrogen peroxide in the solution. We have the world’s only NSF 50 and UL certified public safety certified flotation system approved for commercial use as of 2021. Other facilities use flotation pods, that are comparable in size to a tanning bed.

It is observed and reported that most people have the following benefits associated with floating; reduced stress, improved sleep, normalized blood pressure, enhanced ability to concentrate, pain relief, strengthened immune system, and reduced symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD. These benefits can last for several days. It also may take a few float sessions for the person to get the full “reset” to achieve some of these above benefits. It is truly up to the person floating to focus on “letting go” and relaxing in the tank.

Yes, it is a completely safe practice that helps to calm the mind and body. Pregnant women probably get even more relief from floating than most people especially if they are experiencing water retention or feet swelling. The extra weight carried by the mother-to-be can be very stressful due to the forces of gravity. Floating eliminates the negative effects of gravity, which causes joint pain, inflammation, and stress on inside organs. Pregnant women have also reported a reduction of erratic movements of the baby inside the womb. This is due to a phenomenon called the “mirror effect.” The baby is safe and secure inside the womb, while the mother shares a similar relaxing experience in the float tank.

Yes, many people safely fall asleep in the extremely buoyant solution because of the heightened state of relaxation achieved while floating. Skin receptor neutral temperature solution as well as other sensory reduction features of the float process allows for the body to completely calm all movement and the floater goes into "suspended animation" which allows the mind and body to reset like rebooting a computer. 

Yes, the most common names are: sensory deprivation tank, float tank, hydro chamber, float cabin, and isolation chamber.

No, we offer a private experience for each individual.

We recommend not consuming caffeinated beverages before a float as this may hinder relaxation. Do not shave or wax on the same day of your float as this can cause any nicks or sensitive dry areas to potentially sting in the high salt concentrated solution. Eat a light meal an hour beforehand as it will help to quiet any digestion noises that your body might make. Also, be sure to use the restroom before entering your float room.

Yes, this will rinse off the oils the skin naturally produced and help prepare the skin to absorb the magnesium in the Epsom salts. It will also reduce the amount of contaminates entering the tank with you. It is also recommended to shower after your float to remove the salt on the body. Each private float room contains a shower, organic body wash/shampoo and conditioner.

Yes, we do not use any harsh chemicals in our filtration system. Many other float tanks are "sanitized" using chemical disinfectants that are not good for you or for colored hair. Therefore, as long as the color has set, there is nothing stopping you from floating.

It is very unlikely that you will become claustrophobic in the chamber. There is little to no sensory input whilst floating. It is endlessly black. Therefore, there is no reference of anything being close. Please ask us if you are concerned about this. We can help you to overcome this symptom.

No, you will have complete privacy in the shower room. A bathing suit is not necessary and may even take away from the float experience. The less sensation you have on your body, the easier it will be to enter deep relaxation. It is completely up to your comfort level.

You may want to bring a comb or any after shower products that you typically use. If you wear contacts, you may want to bring something to put your contact lenses into while you’re in the tank. We provide towels, earplugs, conditioner, and shampoo.

We recommend removing your contacts before your float, they may become dry or you could accidentally get salt in your eyes.

Yes, please follow the same protocol you would for swimming. However, if you are expecting a heavy menstrual cycle, we ask that you reschedule your float for a better time of the month.

Floating doesn’t require any swimming skills, it's just like taking a bath.

Use restroom before your float. Put ear plugs (provided) in ears prior to your shower. Upon entering the tank, we recommend getting acclimated to being in the chamber. Make a mental note where the door is. By orienting to where the door is, you will more likely remember where it is located after your session is complete. Lying in the solution, stretch out your body and find a comfortable position. Breathe slow and calmly as you try to let go of any thoughts you don’t wish to indulge.

Sometimes when having a deep state of relaxation, people report hearing their pulse or having "Darth Vader breathing" this is a good thing. Your body and mind are shifting to a restorative and calm frequency. Go with it and allow yourself to adjust to a new calmer rhythm. This is what people describe as "meditation on steroids" effect.