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Need to Improve Focus and clear your Mind?

May 17, 2021 3 min read

DEAR FLOAT DOCTOR: I'm generally healthy. I don't have chronic pain issues or stuff like that, but I work in an office. I am good at my job most of the time, but I have ADHD. I was told by my coworker to try floating to help me with anxiety. Basically, I find myself "tuning out" when a lot is going on. It gets annoying and frustrating to fight this when the pressure is on. Occasionally I have a hard time 
sleeping with big deadlines coming up. Building websites can also cause me to experience a "creative block," and I get stuck in my head, or I am all over the place being “busy” but not really being productive. It isn't always like this, and I don't want to increase my medication, but I do want to manage my focus better. How does laying in saltwater help these things? ~Overwhelmed Tech
DEAR OVERWHELMED: Thank you for your question. There are studies that show that mindfulness and meditation can greatly benefit the kind of over stimulation you are describing. People on the “spectrum” use more areas of their brain in processing and can have these symptoms you describe when urgency and pressure take over. Yet it can happen to anyone.
We have a lot of clients who float for the very reasons you discuss. The fact is, in this fast paced world, we can’t be 100 percent all of the time and go 100 miles an hour constantly. Being able to “switch gears” smoothly is essential. It can be challenging for some
to settle themselves or “downshift” their energy but learning to relax completely is an important first step.
Floating is unique and has been described as "meditation on steroids" since a person can get to a "rest and restore" frequency very quickly. This also activates a whole processing pattern to initiate called the parasympathetic nervous system. The anti-gravity environment with 1,000 pounds of super saturated Epsom salts in one of our certified Float Lab cabins supports the body effortlessly without any pressure points, the temperature is skin receptor neutral (at 94.5°), it's dark, so there is very little external stimulation. This provides a place for us to disconnect from external things demanding our attention and allows us to wind in
our energy to connect to our inner/lower consciousness. Allowing those lower level frequencies to be attained helps us calm down, modulate our energy, and sleep better. The lack of stimulation combined with the magnesium and sulfate being absorbed nourish and replenish our system at the cellular level to work more efficiently. Energy and rhythm is at the core of who we truly are. Our mind is connected to the rest of our body by a series of signals that are sent back and forth and will stall or flicker in signaling if we don’t plug into our lower frequencies enough. Not getting adequate sleep or not taking the time to “wind down” causes that energy to feel out of sorts and unsettled.
Floating helps us to dial back into that part of our consciousness.
You see, energy is running through our body in our central nervous system as a frequency. Sometimes this energy gets out of sync, it isn't the optimum frequency for what we intend to do, or we run out of energy to complete tasks.
So, part of the issue you describe is a disruption of energy or frequency that is preventing you from getting into or staying in a "flow" state. You are fighting yourself. We are generators of our own energy and that energy mostly comes from within.
If we focus too much outside of ourselves, we may neglect recharging our inner selves causing difficulty in focusing and resting. Floating is the answer to balancing this.
Don’t let the science of this practice make you feel like this is a complicated task. Floating is simply the most relaxing bath you have ever had but so much more! Thanks again for asking and come give us a try!
We look forward to helping you soon!! Hopefully your contribution will help others as well in their journey to healing.
Check out our website for more information. There are some great videos to help you better understand floating at: Find yourself at Float Doctor!