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Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna therapy

Take a moment to really take care of you.  Relax in our sauna and let the cares fade away. Turn the world off and feel yourself become lighter, de-stress, let go.... settle in to you, plug back in and collect your energy to yourself. Recharge and open your mind's creativity all while doing something super healthy for you. Full spectrum saunas provide all of the healing properties of the suns rays without any UV (keep the spf at home). There's room for two to fit comfortably in our corner unit. A sauna session provides for 45 minutes use of the sauna in a lounge which will allow you to step in or out as needed as you acclimate to the treatment. 

While traditional steam or dry saunas heat up the surrounding air to about 185 degrees, which in turn heats you from the outside-in, Infrared sends heat directly to your cells in the body. The heating elements of our full spectrum infrared sauna has NEAR, MID, and FAR heat waves only need to reach about 120 degrees to reap the benefits of the treatment, according to a 2009 review of evidence on infrared saunas and cardiovascular health. The full spectrum of the many wavelengths of infrared rays penetrate more deeply into the different body tissues, which means you start sweating at a lower temperature than in a traditional sauna. Only 20 percent of the heat generated by far infrared technology heats the air within the sauna – the other 80 percent heats the body directly. Far infrared heat raises the core body temperature, triggering specific bodily functions including the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system, and the immune system. This unique heat produces a lighter demand on the cardiovascular system, similar to moderate walking, according to the review, and so might benefit people who are sedentary for medical reasons. It’s also good for people who like the idea of a sauna but find the high heat unpleasant.


Sauna is an amazing practice of heating the body to induce production of heat shock proteins in your body's cells. Heat shock proteins are produced in the cells to initiate recovery, healing, and detoxing responses. Heating up the body helps to shift metabolism and induce blood flow. Research discussed in the videos below explain that regular sauna practice is similar to a biological DNA defragmenting process which can correct improper protein synthesis and flush it from our systems with long term regular use. Very interesting research is being done on this natural healing practice.

Schedule today! Packages have some great discounts. Try a combo of sauna and a float to really get a full detox relaxation treatment.



Our Sauna Lounge is part of the cozy atmosphere available as you acclimate to being able to do a full 40 minutes of above 120 degrees to warm your core and initiate heat shock proteins to look and feel healthier. Two sauna sessions can be booked at once.

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